This is an enamelling technique based on two
1. Thermal shock
2. Smoking out
The piece of ceramic must be already fired once.
It is partially or fully covered with
a layer of liquid enamel,  colored or not.
It is heated up until 980 ° C in three
quarters of an hour in a gas kiln, outside.
The kiln is open immediately and the ceramic is
taken out immediately and placed in a container,
on a layer of sawdust. The combustible ignites and the
  container is closed tightly.
The process causes cracks and
spots more or less pronounced in the enamel.
The smoke colours in black all parts of
ceramic that are not protected by enamel.



My kiln was built in my garden in Dreux by Sandrine Coignard,

who gave me her advice to start making raku enamelling.